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mai 14, 2020


Light Panels vs. Canvas vs. Shapes Hexagons

Nanoleaf panels are an inspiring smart home lighting product that merges the best of technology and design into one sleek RGB package. Starting with the original triangular Light Panels, the family grew to include the Canvas squares, and now the highly anticipated Shapes Hexagons. Whether you have them already, are looking to expand your collection, or to become a proud owner sometime soon, here are the things that you need to know about each product, and what sets them apart.

What’s the Same:

Modular Designs:

All Nanoleaf panels allow you to create any design you can imagine. By linking the panels together you can build abstract forms or your favorite shapes. The Layout Assistant in the Nanoleaf App can help you play around layouts and even preview them in your space using the AR feature.

All of the products can show over 16 million beautiful colors, including tunable white for functional lighting. You choose – energizing shades of purple for a workout energy boost or gentle warm white to read your favorite book before bedtime. Compliment any decor, add a pop of color to a neutral color scheme, or completely transform any room with vibrant light!

Your Nanoleaf panels can dance along to your favorite songs in real time with Rhythm Scenes. Activate this function to experience a music visualizer like no other. Choose mellow reactions to chill out to, or bright and dynamic Scenes to create a dance party in your space! On the Light Panels Rhythm works through the Rhythm Module, and for the others this feature is built right into the panels.

Screen Mirror:
All panels can use the Screen Mirror feature (available in the Desktop App) which mirrors the colors of your screen onto your panels. This creates a completely immersive viewing experience whether you’re kicking butt in a game, or kicking back for a movie.

Nanoleaf App:
Each of the products is controlled by the Nanoleaf app, which you can use to customize Scenes, Schedules, Playlists and more easily from your device. Choose your color palette and animation, or paint each panel one by one in real time. With the app, you can totally customize your lighting experience.

Manual Control:
All three types of panels come with physical controls, although the format of each differs. The most basic controller is on the Light Panels, giving you options for ON/OFF, brightness control, and changing scenes. The Canvas (with a built-in Control Square) and the Shapes Hexagons (with a modular Controller) both offer the additional controls of “Shuffle Scenes”, as well as a button to turn Rhythm ON/OFF.

Voice Control:
You can control all of your Nanoleaf panels with your voice through your smart home assistant. Use Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa to turn your lights on and off, control your Scenes, brightness, and more.

What’s Different:


Touch experiences are only available on the Canvas and Shapes Hexagons. This allows you to interact with the panels with the palm of your hand creating visual color effects, controlling the panels through Touch Gestures, and even playing touch games. Additionally, with Touch Actions you can turn every panel on your Canvas or Shapes layout into a touch reactive smart button that can control any or all of your HomeKit products and scenes.

Faceted Design:

The face of the Light Panels and Shapes Hexagons are visually smooth, whereas the Canvas squares give the appearance of a faceted, or quilted texture. They are physically still flat on the surface, but when turned on you can see this multi-dimensional design.

Mounting Plate:

While the Light Panels and Canvas mount straight to the wall with the included double-sided Mounting Tape, the Hexagons come with an additional Mounting Plate for easy installation, reconfiguration, and removal. By having the plate, you do not need to leave the tabs of the tape in view, because the plate is hidden behind the actual panel itself.

Connect with other shapes:

The current Light Panels and Canvas cannot be connected together into one layout. Shapes Hexagons are designed with Connect+ technology to work with different future shapes in the line. This opens the door for completely new designs and layouts to create stunning mosaics of light.

These are the main feature and aesthetic differences, but for more technical specs, visit the product pages:

Overall, every type of Nanoleaf panel possesses qualities that make them a fantastic addition to any space. If you’re trying to choose which to take home for yourself, it really all comes down to personal preference. But rest assured: no matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong!


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