Sensory Rooms with Nanoleaf x KultureCity

January 4, 2021


Nanoleaf is proud to partner with KultureCity in taking steps towards a more inclusive world.

Sensory Needs

It can be hard to understand things that we cannot see. But with 1 in 6 individuals experiencing some form of invisible disability like autism, PTSD, or dementia, a lack of understanding can have negative effects on a large portion of the population. The sensory needs connected with these disabilities can make it difficult or even impossible for those affected to navigate their day-to-day lives in a world with so much stimulation.


KultureCity is a non-profit organization that seeks to address this issue head on. They have a number of approaches to aid those with sensory needs. These range from inclusivity training and certification for companies and businesses, to the creation of “sensory bags” that include items like noise canceling headphones and comforting fidget items.

Sensory Inclusive CertifiedKultureCity VehicleChildren with KultureCity Sensory Bag

Sensory Rooms

But it isn’t always about reducing stimulation completely. This is evident with their groundbreaking Sensory Rooms. These are spaces with uniquely curated visuals and interactive elements. They are designed to be soothing and engaging rather than overwhelming for those with sensory needs.

 “When individuals or families with sensory needs visit a crowded and popular venue, loud noises [and] certain smells can not only be overwhelming because of the sensory aspect, but also physically painful. Because of that, individuals with sensory needs tend to stay at home and not engage with the community. Sensory rooms [at these venues] help create a safe and calming environment for these individuals so they can take a break from the event, decompress, and join the event again.
-Dominique Wilkins, KultureCity Chairman & NBA Hall-of-Famer

Sensory Room with Nanoleaf Canvas Lights Sensory Room with Nanoleaf x KultureCity

Nanoleaf has partnered with KultureCity to aid in the creation of these spaces, providing color changing, touch reactive smart light panels to the rooms. With the light’s smart controls, the panels are customized to paint gentle animations, providing a calming effect while delivering a beautiful experience of color and light.

Child enjoying the aquarium and Sensory Room with Nanoleaf x KultureCity

The first Nanoleaf x KultureCity space was unveiled on December 17th at the Georgia Aquarium. Having a Sensory Room in such a venue makes it perfect for families who visit to momentarily escape the stressors of the outside world. 

KultureCity will be continually setting up a variety of activations throughout North America. This will give thousands of people the opportunity to come and experience them first hand, and to feel the real impact of understanding and inclusivity on a larger scale.

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