The Nanoleaf Light Artist

May 21, 2020


Syed Ali Tabraiz Bokhari, also known as “The Nanoleaf Artist” is the creator of one-of-a-kind light art masterpieces unlike anything you’ve seen before. Based out of Lahore, Pakistan, Tabraiz transforms Nanoleaf Light Panels into large scale interactive installations.

Nanoleaf Light Artist

The Discovery

Tabraiz first discovered Nanoleaf Light Panels at CES 2017, and instantly fell in love with their look and functionality. The following year they arrived in Pakistan, and he became a local retailer.

 He began experimenting with the panels in his own home as well, starting with 90 panels across 3 rooms. Changing the layout several times a week, Tabraiz amazed his guests, and garnered enthusiastic feedback for the creativity of his designs.

Reflection in a glass

His fascination with the Light Panels grew, and inspired him to delve into the world of lighting as a whole. He learned about lighting and tessellation design, lighting architecture, and material properties in their interaction with light.

I realized that Nanoleaf covered all 3 types of functional lighting – general, task, and accent – and gave additional uses [for] events, entertainment, mood, creative photography, and videography.” – Tabraiz

The Change

By 2019 he had changed course from being a retailer to creating his own Nanoleaf Light Art installations full-time. In September of the same year, he and his business partner opened their own Light Art Experience Centre in an upscale market in Lahore to showcase his vibrant and entrancing creations to the public.

Nanoleaf Light Art

Following the positive reception of the centre by media and guests, he continued to explore his passion for Nanoleaf Light Panels by creating installations for events, productions, and exhibitions.

As a Light Artist, I take into account many factors before designing an installation. The purpose of the room/area – whether it’s in a home, business or other indoor environment. The layout and size, color scheme, furniture arrangement, all other fixtures (especially those that reflect, absorb or bounce off light). Entry and exit points. Other artificial lighting in the room. Paint color and type. Other printed fixtures and materials in the room, [because] the different colors also affect the colors and shades of objects all around it .This [can create] some mind blowing optical illusions” – Tabraiz

Each installation that he creates with Nanoleaf Light Panels has six different functional modes:

  1.       Static Scenes: for functional lighting
  2.       Rhythm Scenes: for a party atmosphere 
  3.       Dynamic Scenes: for Light Art 
  4.       Dynamic Scenes: for mood lighting (workouts, meditation, yoga, etc.) 
  5.       Screen Mirroring: for entertainment
  6.       Screen Mirroring: for Light Art (with patterns and effects)

Light Panels Art

The Show

In November 2019 Tabraiz held Pakistan’s first open-to-public Light Art Show that drew a crowd of 14,000 people over 2 days. The show took place in a large room measuring 50 x 40 ft, and featured around 700 Nanoleaf Light Panels. The installation had 64 Rhythm Scenes running simultaneously in perfect synchronization, creating an amazing spectacle of color and light.

Art show with Nanoleaf Light Art

The Mastery

To date, Tabraiz has built around 48 Light Art installations with over 300 unique layouts
using exclusively Nanoleaf Light Panels. Additionally, his Light Art business has grown to include 3D consumer decor pieces such as lamps, table top décor, and pyramid shaped portable Light Pods with Nanoleaf Light Panels.

Decor Pieces using Light Panels

The most recent launches – 27 and 12 panel pyramid shaped Nanoleaf Light Pods, and 5ft Nanoleaf pyramid shaped lamps – sold out in only 5 days.

The inspired creativity of Tabraiz the “Nanoleaf Artist” will undoubtedly continue to bloom, and we can not wait to experience the wonder that has yet to come.

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