6 Tips to Dominate your Days Indoors

April 14, 2020


It looks like we’re all stuck inside (for who knows how long), so let’s embrace our time inside with some productivity and much-needed entertainment. Our living spaces have now become the ultimate multitaskers, giving us a place to buckle down for a day of duties, or let loose for an evening of excitement. 

Whether your couch has become your cubicle, or bed and laptop your new home theatre system, we’re all finding ways to get creative in a pinch. We know you kings and queens of quarantine are already slaying the self-isolation, but here are some extra tips on how to use Nanoleaf Light Panels and Canvas to truly dominate your days indoors.

Work Hard:

1) Light and Color

We know the importance of working in a well-lit area to help you stay productive and energize your spirits, but did you know that different colors of light can impact your workday in different ways?

Blue light has been shown to increase focus, while red can sharpen your attention to detail. 

And here’s a sneaky one: having green in your work area is proven to make the passage of time feel quicker. We’re not saying that sometimes a 9 to 5 can feel like a 9 to forever, but, you know, just an FYI.

With Nanoleaf Light Panels and Canvas you have total brightness control and over 16 million colors to choose from, so you can stick with the science, or play around to find what works the best to help you work the best!

We’ve created a “Work From Home” Scenes Playlist to help you get into that perfect workflow. For all of you missing the office gossip corner, we even have a “Water Cooler” Scene for a breezy midday break. All Playlists are available for download in the Nanoleaf App.

2) Hands-Off

Nanoleaf’s voice control integrations are a total lifesaver in times like these when we’re trying to minimize touch as much as possible. Whether your hands are busy hitting the keys or hiding the mess (what mess?) before your next Zoom session, you can easily use your voice to turn your lights on or off (see, what mess?), or change the colors of your lights to set everything just how you want it, when you want it.

With IFTTT, you can take hands-free control one step further. Say you’ve soldiered to the store and finally managed to get your hands on that sweet sweet TP. Set your Nanoleaf Lights to turn on automatically as you’re approaching the house with the spoils of battle, so you can hold on tight to your winnings, and never let go.

3) Hands-On

While there’s a time and place for hands-off control, sometimes we do want to be a little more hands-on with customizing our space. This is especially true with the super satisfying touch reactivity on the Canvas. But more than just lighting up, changing colors, or even using touch to control your lights with touch gestures, the Canvas offers you the option to control ALL of your HomeKit products, all at once, with just one touch. 

Touch Actions on the Nanoleaf Canvas lets you program each panel on your layout to act as a smart button to activate entire HomeKit Scenes. 

When you’re starting your day, press your assigned “Good Morning” panel to turn on all of your lights, start the fan for a refreshing cooldown after a long night, and turn on the kettle so the hot water is ready for your morning cup of tea before you even get to the kitchen. Or while pulling an all-nighter for that big project, turn on your humidifier to keep your eyes from drying out, let your essential oil diffuser release that motivating citrus scent, and set your panels to a bright white scene to fight off the sleepiness until the job is done. 

Learn more about setting up Touch Actions with our easy tutorial VIDEO.


4) Rhythm

The only thing as satisfying as a hard day’s work is…a night off! Unwind and relax with your favorite music, or turn all the way up, and throw a dance party for one! Whatever your style, Nanoleaf’s Rhythm reactions on Light Panels and Canvas create a new experience for sound. Listen with your ears AND eyes as the panels react to beats and melodies.  

Each Rhythm Scene is uniquely made to react to different genres of music, so whether you’re into electronic and pop or jazz and classical, we’ve got you covered. Turn your living room into the concerts, clubs or symphony halls that you’re missing, and BONUS you don’t even need to pay for entry! It’s a win-win.

And while you’re getting that heart pumping, why not try an at-home workout with Rhythm? Watch those reps fly by as the lights energize your favorite workout playlist! 

5) Screen Mirror

The theatres may be closed, but not to worry: Netflix is open! Whichever platform you’re watching on, you can take your entertainment beyond the screen with Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror Feature! Screen Mirror reflects the colors and motions on your screen onto your panels for a completely immersive experience like you’ve never seen before. 

Different modes like Match, Melt, and Palette give you personalized options to suit your viewing style. Whether you want to get in on the action as you watch your favorite Marvel movie (for the 3rd time…today) or explore a whole new world with a Disney(+) classic, Screen Mirror can transform any film or series into a next level cinematic experience.

Or, try it for gaming to have your mind truly blown!

6) Games

On the note of games, why not introduce a little bit of whimsical fun into your day with Touch Games on the Nanoleaf Canvas. With its touch reactivity, you can play games like Whack A Mole, Memory, Simon, and more right on your Canvas squares. No need to over complicate things with turnips and crazy new DLCs. Embrace childlike wonder with quick, simple fun, and a little bit of friendly competition (may we suggest that loser washes dishes?).

To the parents struggling to balance work from home and homeschooling all while trying to keep the kids entertained, Touch Games will truly be a lifesaver in your new evening routine. 

If you’re working hard, playing hard, or maybe doing a little of both, use the Nanoleaf Light Panels and Canvas to take your quarantine to the next level, and to serve as an extra incentive to stay inside, and stay safe!


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