Introducing Nanoleaf Shapes – Hexagons

March 5, 2020

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At Nanoleaf we re-think what’s possible, and make products that fill the gap between what exists on the market, and what people actually want. That’s why when we came out with our original Light Panels four years ago, they not only sparked a huge wave in the world of lighting but carved out an entirely new category all of their own: Smart Home Decor.

Following the success of the Light Panels, we launched the Nanoleaf Canvas – combining everything that made us fall in love with the original Panels and elevating that experience to the next level. The Canvas introduced a brand new square shape and touch controls, adding a level of lighting interaction like never before. This opened new doors for features like Touch Actions (transforming the Canvas Squares into Smart Home Buttons) and interactive games (think Whack-A-Mole and Pacman) that turned the Canvas into dream-fuel for everyone from families with children, to even the most hardcore gamers.

The shapes, colors and brilliant illumination of the triangular Light Panels and Canvas Squares led to unending design possibilities. We were truly inspired by the amount of creativity we saw, with each layout helping to express the unique personalities of our customers.

We knew our next product had to continue pushing these creative boundaries. If people had the urge to create, we wanted to help them do exactly that without limitations. And so, we created Nanoleaf Shapes.

Nanoleaf Shapes introduces a completely new line of shapes that can all connect together, to finally offer truly limitless customization and design possibilities. After years of refinement, Shapes deliver everything you want from Smart Home Decor and takes away everything that you don’t.

The first product in the Shapes line is Hexagons. Why Hexagons? Because Hexagons are nature’s favorite shape, so we knew if we were going to start a series of interoperable designs, we had to start with the one the world’s been waiting for.

These Hexagons are not, however, your typical hexagons, nor are they your classic Nanoleaf Panels. To truly encompass the idea of Smart Home Decor, we focused on the “Home” element in our product design. That meant both the original home of hexagons, in nature, and the future home of Hexagons: Yours! 

What we found was that even in the geometry found in nature, there remained the overall organic presence of curvature that brought everything together in harmony. We wanted to bring that harmonious feeling into our Shapes line, starting with the Hexagons. By slightly rounding the corners of the Hexagons, they offer geometry without rigidity, so they can fit into your space naturally, without clashing with your existing decor. The Hexagons have been thoughtfully designed to welcome in that natural element that we as humans innately crave, but that is all too often lost within technology.

The combination of smart technology and warm design of the Shapes Hexagons leads the way for future shapes, opening up limitless possibilities for you to design, play, and create.


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