Nanoleaf at CES 2020

January 20, 2020

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From January 7th-11th, Nanoleaf lit up CES 2020, one of the world’s largest tech trade shows. Back for the fifth year in a row, Nanoleaf brought more technological innovations to the show floor than ever before.

Touting an unprecedented 2000 panel setup, the Nanoleaf booth drew eyes from both attendees and brands alike.

Nanoleaf Light Panels and Canvas made appearances in other branded booths across the show, such as Samsung, Bosch, Razer, and more.

In the Nanoleaf booth, the highly anticipated Unified Hexagons were front and center, introduced as the first shape in the new Unified Light Panels line. This line marks the start of interoperability between future ULP shapes, as well as technical and spec upgrades and improvements that set them apart from their predecessors. The unveiling of the ultrathin panels with their sleek shape, LayoutDetect™ color flow, and new snap-on mounting system built up even more hype for their Q2-Q3 release.

The second large announcement was something completely new and unexpected from Nanoleaf: The Learning Series. This series, set to release in 2021, is a smart home lighting system that fills the gap between what people actually want from smart lighting, and what exists on the market today. What sets The Learning Series apart from current smart lighting solutions is its proprietary U-IQ™ Technology. The U-IQ™ learns from the user as they interact with the system and customizes a lighting experience that is completely personalized to their lifestyle, while remaining agile and adaptive enough to change as they do.

Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror feature was presented in two larger-than-life displays. The first, the “Gaming Room”, was an enclosed space plastered floor to ceiling with Canvas Light Squares, for an immersive 360° experience. The room reflected every movement of the game being played on the screen for a truly jaw-dropping effect.

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The second display showed Screen Mirror in an exaggerated living room setting, with video on a big screen TV being mirrored onto the two adjacent walls. Crackling fires and whimsical jellyfish danced their way across the walls of the booth, in an expansive show of light and color.

The touch reactive abilities of the Canvas were showcased on three enormous walls, allowing people to play and interact with light. The Touch Gesture feature allowed the show-goers to turn the lights on and off, change the brightness and color, and even send ripples through the panels right from the Canvas itself, using swipes and taps.

The final wall in the booth showcased Nanoleaf’s Rhythm feature on an exciting Light Panels display, reacting and dancing to the music around it.

We started the year with a bang at CES2020, and with new product and feature releases, it’s looking like it will be a good year for light-lovers everywhere!


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